Custom Wood Work Spaces

Custom Wood Work Stations to Remodel Your Space Quickly & Easily

Modular Furniture Group DESIGNS, FABRICATES AND INSTALLS new workspaces and work stations over the weekend.  Modular Funiture Group allows banks, businesses, hospitals, and schools to remodel their office space quickly and easily with custom wood work stations to meet your exact needs.

Design | Fabricate | Install

Our core values allow us to innovate & push forward with custom wood work station for your workspace.

Modular. Re-Usable. Time Efficient.

For nearly two decades Modular Furniture Group, Inc. has been utilizing digital drafting and woodworking equipment along with innovative designs to develop a line of commercial furniture which offers interchangeable arrangements for a custom furniture need.

Modular Furniture Group provides you with the custom wood workstations and work spaces that allow you to expand, renovate, or create a new design that will compliment your business both functionally and esthetically.

Modular Furniture Group specializes in custom wood workspaces for banking, business, medical institutions, and schools.

We work differently.

The Advantages of Buying Custom Wood Workstations from MFG

We create tailor-fit custom cabinets and workstations to meet our customers’ needs through a proven systemized process. This allows our customers to purchase cabinets once. Our custom furniture allows you to change, to add to over time, and to be easily rearranged.

When designing your project, we ensure the cabinetry is customized to fit your functionality and desired finishes.

  • Measure to create 3D renderings.
  • Coordination of colors and finishes.
  • Space planning.
  • Coordinate project’s electronic and mechanical facilities.
  • Project development to fit your budget.
  • Project designed from custom library of products.

At Modular Furniture Group, we utilize state-of-the-art technology of woodworking machinery to create every piece we install.

  • Precision machined parts ensuring precise modular assemblies built with accuracy and on-time delivery
  • Our pre-engineered component parts selected for a rapid turnaround
  • Finished to each project’s specifications
  • Implements “old school” craftsmanship with Computer Aided Manufacturing

We have woodworking specialists across the nation to create and deliver your custom furniture. Installation can be executed in a few hours or over the weekend by our team of professionals or on your own. During this phase MFG product line specialists:

  • Orchestrates entire installation.
  • Coordinates electrical, data, security, and computer equipment.
  • Delivers products to the job site.
  • Adjusts products on-site, if needed.


Remodel Your Space

One of the most important and unique services we offer is the ability to install your project over a weekend. During the design process, we create cabinetry that will fit your space with the intention of seamless fabrication. We can work with a contractor if any additional structural work is needing to be done. The workstations are then preassembled in our factory and shipped to your destination. This allows your space to be ready for immediate operation after installation. All Modular Furniture Group products come with a 10-year

We understand clients’ needs of creating a project within budget while receiving custom workstations that meet your needs. We work with businesses of all sizes to create a functional work environment.

Watch our Timelapse video. A new bank over the weekend.
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