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Office Renovations – Tips for A Successful Remodel

Moving spaces, a growing team, or maybe you just need a change in your environment. Whatever the reason, how your business chooses to renovate can make all the difference. 

Unexpected errors in measurements or even finding out that the office chairs you like so much don’t fit under the new desks – even the smallest issues can put a damper on the process and your company (unexpected expenses and decreased productivity from your team). So, to help you get on the right path towards a quick, easy, and rewarding change, here are some tips for successful office renovations.

Understand Your Office Renovations Need

This first step is easiest when a small team is involved. It is best to get together with your employees and see, in general, what types of things they NEED from the space. Is their current environment too noisy? Too quiet? Too crowded? Do they need an extra desk just for the printer?

It may seem silly, but all of these (and more) questions are important in planning and catering to a new environment that makes sense for both the space and the people working there.

If, however, you don’t have a small team that you can collaborate with, get together with those in leadership. Are their departments lacking anything specific? How do their teams work best? This makes it easy to form spaces they all can be satisfied with.

In addition to being prepared when it comes to your people, this tip also helps when it comes to money. Understanding and knowing what you need to make things happen makes it easier to budget and estimate the true cost of your renovation without unexpected expenses.

Pick the Right Materials

Again, you and your team know your space better than anyone. Do you need something that is sturdy? Or, easy to clean? Or, can be quickly packed up and moved if needed? 

That’s the beauty of modular furniture!

Although most modular furniture is made out of wood, there are different varieties that can be used to meet your specific needs. From an office within a startup, to data entry in a hospital! Knowing what kind of materials you need is important so that you understand how you are limited in types of furniture but also have a better grasp of cost and time the project will take.

This is one of the main reasons why modular furniture is used so often. You get the best of all the worlds by getting the perfect material that can change based on your needs!

Make Out A Plan

Lastly, most office renovations take a lot of TIME. This means employees have to stay home, office areas are closed down, and, most critical, is business potentially being closed while the work gets done. So, what do you do?

  1. Keep everyone focused. Come together with your leadership team and discuss ways to keep your employees engaged. Is there an opportunity or training or team building? If you know things will take a few days and your normal functions will be slashed, why not get some good out of it by building up team morale?
  2. Go digital. Can’t be in office? Switch things up a notch! Interact with your employees and customers online. Hold chats, Q&As, or just a fun virtual sale/event to keep people involved while you are out of the office. Even if a week goes by, if you keep the connection there they won’t even notice.
  3. Invest in Modular Furniture Group. Worried that your renovation might take a few weeks? Yeah, the usually the normal turn around. But, if you want your remodel done during the WEEKEND (no business or employee interruptions), then you need to think about using Modular Furniture. Not only are our furniture designs fit to meet your specifications, but we ensure a smooth process that can easily be done before you get back Monday morning. 

There you have it, a few simple tips of what you can do to make your office renovations a true success – no matter what business you’re in. Interested in learning a bit more about our process? Contact us today to see how Modular Furniture Group can transform your space for the better! Let Modular Furniture Group’s Team make the process simple for you.

Office Furniture Solutions for Your Growing Business

Growing your business means addressing a variety of employee needs you initially may not have considered: additional restrooms, an enhanced break room, a bigger reception area, and a larger focus on employee wellbeing. Thankfully, creative office furniture solutions for workplace design adaptability have never been simpler to solve.

Modular furniture allows you to take certain components, such as desks and filing systems, and combine them to form a variety of workstation layouts. Where should you start? We suggest looking at what matters most—the employee atmosphere. If your team is uncomfortable, work and productivity suffer.

Here’s what you should consider in order to find a modular furniture layout that’s right for your office.

  • Productivity: Look for a modular workstation system that offers interchangeable arrangements to allow for activity-based working while maintaining a seamless aesthetic.
  • Image: Use your workspace layout to project your company’s values and brand to visitors and staff.
  • Future growth: Find a layout that allows for expansion. As your team grows, movable workstation components can be reconfigured for additional employees and workloads.

At Modular Furniture Group we offer safe work environments for banking, business, medical and schools. What sets us apart is that modular furniture allows you to expand, renovate or create new designs that will compliment your business functionally and esthetically.

When product parts are completed, our team preassembles as much of the project as possible. Then the parts are shipped to your location where they can be installed in as little as a couple of hours. This allows you to reopen your doors without disruption of business.

Modular Furniture Group has more than 35 years of experience. Our team has worked to develop custom modular furniture that can be adapted to your needs over time. We believe your investment in custom woodworking should last as long as your business with adaptable workstations with a timeless look.